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Rhino Linings of Dade County has a reputation for providing the highest quality workmanship on each vehicle we spray.  We have been working to keep this reputation since our doors opened in 1992. 

Founded in 1988, San Diego, California-based Rhino Linings launched the sprayed-on polyurethane truck bed lining industry that is flourishing today. In the 1980s, Russell Lewis, president and founder of Rhino Linings USA, Inc., saw how sprayed-on polyurethane protected mining equipment in South Africa, and he realized that airtight and watertight polyurethane could function as a superior alternative to the standard drop-in plastic truck bed liners.

Rhino Linings USA, Inc. is dedicated to work as a team with our dealers, distributors and employees throughout the world to ensure that every sprayed-on linings customer experiences the highest possible level of customer satisfaction. We further make the commitment to share and enjoy both the experiences and rewards of our success with all our dealers, distributors and employees.

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